Tune Box Sdn Bhd

Tune Box is transforming the way we stay entertained during flights. As a leading expert in digital software development, Tune Box offers a unique brand of inflight multimedia entertainment under the roKKi name. Services and products offered include roKKi chats, a unique inflight instant messaging application; and LiFE, preloaded inflight entertainment tablets that offer endless hours of entertainment with the latest touch screen technologies and applications.

Since 2012, LiFE has become a staple on all AirAsia X aircrafts to the delight of thousands of passengers. Meanwhile, roKKi chats was launched in August 2014 and is available on selected AirAsia aircrafts. Tune Box strives to continually push the limits of inflight entertainment and connectivity; providing flexible solutions at the lowest cost while leveraging on their proven model of innovative development and a focus on creating engaging content for a global audience.

Visit www.tunebox.com.my for more information.