About Us

Founded by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun; the Tune family of companies share a passion for creativity and ingenuity. The group thrives on providing exciting products and services for all walks of life. From filling the skies with their signature red Airbuses to mobile prepaid, Tune Group is driven by their mission to improve and impact the lives of all who use their services.

The group is meeting an ever rising demand for affordable yet high-quality services by innovating and revolutionizing the way services are made available to the masses; employing efficient and intuitive web-based technologies to better reach, engage and serve their customers.

Tune Group’s success lies in its relentless desire to innovate; constantly inventing better ways to provide quality services at a value for money price-point. In essence, this defines the Tune brand – a brave innovator at the frontier of an increasingly tech-savvy world.