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AirAsia breaks post – hibernation daily sales record

Sepang, 24th June 2020 – AirAsia registered its highest post-hibernation sale day with a record-breaking 41,000 seats sold in a single day for flights within the region of Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia.

AirAsia’s website experienced traffic growth of 170% while their load factor averaged around 50 percent, with AirAsia Malaysia hitting 70 percent.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO, foresaw that this trend will continue to grow positively in coming weeks as demand for air travel rebounds. He also elaborated on AirAsia’s contributions to reviving the domestic tourism industry with innovative products and services such as the AirAsia Unlimited Pass, partnerships with local hotels on SNAP, their flight + hotel combo booking platform, and offering special 20% off all seats for all flights promotion in Malaysia. In addition, he stated that AirAsia is aiming to increase flight frequencies to around 50% of pre-COVID operations and aiming to resume all domestic routes in the coming weeks and months to cater to the increasing demand. The company is also looking forward to the reopening of international borders so that air travel and global connectivity can allow economic activities to resume and recover.

AirAsia is working closely with regulators, local governments, civil aviation and health authorities, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and adhering to their expert advice.

OURFARM connects agriculture producers directly to businesses

Air Asia Our Farm

Serdang, 15th June 2020 – OURFARM, a new business-to-business e-commerce platform, was launched by Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries (MOA) YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee, Executive Chairman of AirAsia Group Datuk Kamarudin Meranun and CEO of AirAsia Group Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

The platform, a strategic partnership with MOA, covers the Klang Valley area with future plans to expand in the region, supporting over 1,000 government contract farmers as well as private farm owners. This is in line with the National E-commerce Roadmap’s agenda to future-proof businesses and expand local market access.

OURFARM leverages AirAsia’s cargo, logistics, payment capabilities, and database to revolutionise the agribusiness chain. It will be powered by Teleport, the logistics arm of AirAsia Group, and Farmers connect directly to businesses, eliminating middlemen costs and fulfilling orders directly. Other benefits include e-commerce courses from RedBeat Academy at zero onboarding cost, credit terms to support business buyers, and wastage prevention through purchase volume scaling.

Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Executive Chairman of AirAsia Group, thanked MOA for their support and stated that the digital platform will help reduce fresh produce procurement costs by up to 25% and increase profit margins as an efficient supply chain management system. YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries, expressed his hopes for the partnership’s contributions to Malaysia’s agribusiness sector.

Radzi Tajuddin and Nadhir Ashafiq, co-founders of OURFARM, also cited the platform’s efficiency and success through digital technology, hoping it will help producers improve their livelihood and income like other developed countries.

RedBeat Academy invites SMEs to grow with development programme powered by Google

Kuala Lumpur, 4th June 2020 – RedBeat Academy, a collaboration between RedBeat Ventures (AirAsia Group’s corporate venture arm) and Google, rolled out a development programme for small and medium-sized local enterprises named BINA Digital.

BINA Digital offers online courses for SMEs to get started, build and grow their online presence, and enhance their ability to maintain sustainable business expansion and growth. Participants will learn from instructors from RedBeat Academy, Google and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). They also have networking opportunities through the BINA Community.

It is comprised of the free Webinar beginner courses, the BINA Basic Programme (which will waive fees for the first 240 SME participants), and the five-week BINA Advanced Programme course with a nominal fee of MYR100 per participant.

Through this course, SMEs can develop digital skillsets for the modern environment, acquire certification with formal accreditation, and gain real e-commerce experiences as sellers on the AirAsia e-commerce platform, OUR SHOP. It is accessible via the RedBeat Academy website.

Aireen Omar, RedBeat Ventures President, explained that this was aimed at helping SMEs to digitise their businesses and acquire modern tech skill sets in response to the COVID-19 outbreak changing how business was done, and expressed confidence that the BINA digital programme would strengthen their ability to manage sustainable business expansion and growth.

RedBeat Academy aims to raise a futureproof generation with this one-stop service in tech, leadership and innovation that will be a catalyst for the digital economy in Malaysia and ASEAN.

AirAsia able to weather Covid-19 crisis better than many others, according to Brand Finance

Kuala Lumpur, 6th December 2019 – AirAsia Group is among the top airline brands that are well positioned to survive the Covid-19 crisis, judging from its cash position, brand strength and brand value, says independent brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.

Brand Finance recently released its annual report on the most valuable and strongest airline brands — the Brand Finance “Airlines 50” for 2020.

AirAsia was the only low cost carrier from ASEAN featured on the list, registering a 15.5% year-on-year growth in brand value — the highest in Asia and the second highest amongst all airlines globally, thus making it one of the top 25 most valuable airline brands in the world.

In the 10 Strongest Brands ranking of the report, AirAsia was rated as having the highest year-on-year increase and one of only four airline brands in the world to have an AAA+ rating. This was based on marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation.

Samir Dixit, Managing Director, Brand Finance Asia Pacific, commented: “While there were very few brands that had positive brand value growth, AirAsia found itself to be a strong contender with some of the best brands in the world. This can undoubtedly be attributed to the consistency of brand experience and the brand building efforts by AirAsia across customers and other stakeholders. The current Covid-19 crisis presents a dangerous threat to airlines, and will not be easy to manage given that airlines will struggle to recapture lost demand and could lose up to 20% of overall brand value. The only thing that will drive customer preference in difficult times is the brand and the airline brands that are weaker may not even survive the crisis. Based on our criteria, we found AirAsia to be one of the 30 global airline brands well poised to survive the Covid-19 crisis.”

President (Airlines) of AirAsia Group, Bo Lingam said: “We are truly honoured by this achievement that acknowledges our quest for continual improvement in all that we do at AirAsia. We will never stop to always put our customers first, at the core of every decision we make to ensure we provide the very best value for air travel experience. Value, innovation and choice are three cornerstones to our brand and this is a testament to the dedication and hard work from all of us at AirAsia.”

After a period of hibernation following the Covid-19 pandemic, AirAsia last week resumed scheduled domestic flights in Malaysia and Thailand with strict health controls and social distancing protocol in place, in compliance with the regulations. Resumption of services will follow in the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Japan soon, and will include international destinations around the network, once the situation improves and governments lift borders and travel restrictions.

For more information, request for a copy of the full Brand Finance Airlines 50 2020 report here.

AirAsia returning to service stronger

Sepang, 29th April 2020 – AirAsia resumed its scheduled domestic flights in Malaysia and Thailand, and will resume flights in the Philippines and Indonesia, subject to approval from the authorities. Strict health controls and safety protocol are in place, in compliance with the regulations. The resumption of services will initially be for key selected domestic routes, which will increase gradually to include international destinations around the region, once the situation improves and governments lift borders and travel restrictions.

Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, AirAsia Group Executive Chairman, commented that AirAsia was able to return to service even stronger during this period because of their flexible decisions and business relationships. Measures such as voluntary salary reductions from management and senior employees, restructured fuel hedges, renegotiated contracts and deferred non-essential expenditures managed and contained costs to a minimum of a 30% reduction in 2020. Furthermore, the highest global safety standards have been applied to crew, passengers, and aircraft such as protective gear, social distancing, routine disinfection and hospital-standard High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters.

Additionally, AirAsia’s digital and ancillary businesses such as Santan, Teleport and BigPay implemented new initiatives that allowed them to continue operating during the MCO while also assisting local businesses such as drive-thru, e-pay donation drives, and cargo flights for medical supplies.

Datuk Kamarudin concluded his analysis by expressing his confidence that AirAsia is continuing to grow and will emerge stronger after this period. He hoped that they would be able to continue sustaining their 1.3 million jobs while doubling their economic contribution to ASEAN’s GDP.

AirAsia Implements New Digital Solutions to Improve Efficiency

Sepang, 30th January 2020 – AirAsia is implementing digital solutions developed by Paris-based Safety Line to further improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This initiative not only offsets carbon emissions but also proactively reduces them while also reducing costs.

The OptiFlight-In-flight guidance, a unique suite of digital solutions, optimises all flight phases while OptiClimb saves up to 3 percent of climb fuel, reducing the fleet’s carbon footprint by at least 73,000 tons of CO2 per year.

These implemented solutions are in addition to the OptiFlight Innovation Partnership which AirAsia joined in September 2019. The partnership provided further flight optimisation opportunities such as the trial implementation of OptiDirect, which recommends adjustments to pilots based on historical tracks flown and forecasted weather on the route.

Javed Malik, AirAsia Group Chief Operations Officer, stated AirAsia’s commitment to improving operational efficiency and to becoming a digital airline in all aspects in line with their focus on innovation and sustainability, and expressed their excitement to be Asia’s first airline to implement OptiClimb.

Pierre Jouniaux, Safety Line Founder & CEO, said it was a privilege to have AirAsia as a customer while describing both the fuel efficiency challenges of AirAsia flights as well as how the implemented solutions would use flight data and artificial intelligence to calculate various factors to optimise performance.

AirAsia and Universal Music launch RedRecords

Launch RedRecords

Kuala Lumpur, 6th December 2019 – AirAsia Group and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, launched RedRecords, an innovative new label partnership focused on signing, developing and breaking new Asian artists and elevating ‘A-Pop’ globally to new audiences around the world using UMG’s experience in artist development and AirAsia’s regional and global marketing strength.

Hassan Choudhury, Head of Music for AirAsia Group, will take on the role of CEO of RedRecords. RedRecords will focus on discovering and developing talent from Southeast Asia with management and agency services while distributing and marketing Asian music culture. Their marquee first signing is Thai sensation Jannine Weigel, who has released several singles and Eps and has millions of followers on social media.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman & CEO of UMG, Adam Granite, EVP of Market Development of UMG, and Hassan Choudhury, Head of Music for AirAsia Group and CEO of RedRecords, all voiced their excitement over the new partnership to develop Asia’s musical talent using the strengths of both teams, and their belief that like the Latin and K-Pop genres, A-Pop will find a global audience. Jannine Weigel, Thai pop-artist and influencer, was proud to be the first artist to sign with RedRecords and looked forward to the future of her career.

AirAsia wins two awards at the World Travel Awards Grand Final

The World's Leading Low Cost Airline

Muscat, 29th November 2019 – AirAsia was named World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline for the seventh consecutive year at the 26th World Travel Awards Grand Final, one of the most prestigious honours programmes in the global tourism industry. Additionally, they won the World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Cabin Crew award for the third consecutive year.

Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO, expressed their excitement over being recognised by their peers and customers and stated the awards were a testament to AirAsia’s dedication to excellence and continued growth while thanking their Allstars and cabin crew. Suhaila Hassan, AirAsia Group Head of Cabin Crew, who received both awards on behalf of AirAsia and the cabin crew, voiced her gratitude for the awards and reflected on AirAsia’s rapid growth as well as the continued passion of their Allstar colleagues. Graham E Cooke, World Travel Awards Founder, expressed his admiration for AirAsia’s dedication to improving their services and setting benchmarks for low-cost aviation in Asia and beyond, and was delighted that they won their awards.